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Free Accommodation Website Review

When you request your free website review, we’ll ask you a few questions about your business and how well your current website performs. We’ll ask you what you are most interested in finding out about in your review, whether that is help with marketing, improving SEO and google rankings or the UX (user experience) of the layout and design of your website. This will help us provide you with the most helpful review.

We will record a review to explain which parts of your website could benefit the most from improvements and tweaks. We’ll take time to look at your site to see how well it is optimised for conversions, look at what traffic it receives, and compare this to your local competitors. We will then provide you with some action points you can take away and improve your website.

We don’t work on other people’s websites to improve their performance, so we are not selling SEO or Marketing services to you. However, we produce and manage websites for the clients we build sites for. If, after the review, you would like to explore getting a new website, please feel free to reach out to us.  


If you like the review, we’d be thrilled if you could leave us some honest feedback on our google my business page.

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Who is the Review For?

Business Owners

We support business owners looking for insights on improving their website performance. We often take on new website projects on the back of our reviews as the fastest way to improve your websites performance.

Website Managers

We show managers how their website presence, as it currently stands, restricts enquiries and how they can adapt their offerings and product framing to speak more directly to their target market.

Marketing Managers

We provide marketers with information about which keywords their sites are ranking for and other SEO advice that can be actioned on their sites to improve ranks and traffic.

What's Included in the Free Review?

Conversion Analysis

After reviewing your website, we will identify the key ways your site converts visitors into sales or leads and advise you on improving them. We will advise on the changes we would have made if we managed your site. You can implement the changes straight after watching the video without needing developers for many of these points.

Traffic Analysis

We’ll look at the traffic and the traffic sources your website currently has and see how you could increase this further. We’ll test a few search terms to see where you rank on google. 

Competitor Analysis

We will see who your online competitors are and see if we can identify any weaknesses they have and how you can improve your website to outperform them over time.

Who Are We?

MdS Websites is dedicated to helping business owners get more leads and sales from their websites by improving website traffic, conversions and performance.

The agency was founded by Martin Spooner, who has over 30 years in business, working with large-scale brands such as IHG and Holiday Inn and the University of Cambridge.

Our clients love working with us

"I cannot recommend highly enough."
Jo Dawson

Frequently Asked Questions

We normally turn around a website review in a 3 -4 business days.

We look at several aspects of your website and will look at your site from a the view of potential customer as well as a marketer.

We will look at:

  • The Design - look and feel of the site.
  • Establish if we can define your target market from the page.
  • Review how well the site is geared up to convert or capture leads
  • We'll compare your site to competitors in your area.
  • We review a few steps of how well your site is geared up for SEO
  • We will review your social media and see if this matches your website

The review is a great way to get an independent review of your site and what you can do to improve it's performance.

No. We love helping people and get real value from looking at different websites to understand what is out there. If you like what we do and say in the review, we would be happy just to receive an honest review on Google if you have time.

We make bespoke websites, but you are not obligated to buy one after this review.